Anne Trolie

Anne Trolie

Anne Trolie has knowledge and experience at both strategic and operational level from various industries and positions, mainly in international business and management. She has international sourcing and sales experience from Electronics, Sport and Automotive industries, and has also worked in Gas, Plastic, Mining and Consultancy. She is also an accomplished project manager.

Holding positions such as export manger, quality manager, sourcing manager and commercial project manager gives her a holistic understanding and approach to business. She has served on several board of directors during the last 20 years.

The last years she has dedicated her time to human resources and people development, acknowledging that whatever process or action is to be implemented, people are the key to success. With a basis in cost effectiveness, her core areas of expertise are project management, improvements and process optimisation with a special commitment to managing change in line with digitalisation

Anne holds an MBA in Strategy from BI (Oslo) , and a Diploma in International Marketing based on studies in Norway and France (Sup. de Co. a Grenoble et Nantes).

Anne is result driven, embraces integrity and quality, and she is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the best results for our customers. She aims for long term relationships and wants to “roll up the sleeves” in areas where the managers don’t have the time or ability to attain the insight required to ensure best solutions and follow-up, on every part of the business.