Vallourec Oil & Gas UK LTD

Vallourec & Expense Reduction Analysts: Collaboration, Insider Knowledge & Streamlined Processes

Vallourec have been supporting North Sea customers from their UK and Norwegian bases for decades. In line with the responsiveness and premium expectation of the oil and gas companies operating in the area, they provide OCTG premium connections and services, as well as digital solutions including the revolutionary Smartengo services and tools, fully illustrating the appetite for innovation of this mature oil and gas area.

Vallourec have a highly experienced and qualified procurement team who have been managing their procurement activities internally for many years. However, the team’s resource was becoming increasingly stretched, so Vallourec was keen to explore the potential of alternative solutions and the benefits of additional savings.

Download the full case study to explore exactly how ERA was able to support this business, including details of the savings achieved.

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