«Long distance skiing has given me invaluable skills that I bring into my work».

Meet Christoffer Johansson, currently the youngest partner in ERA Norway at just 27 years old.

Christoffer moved to Norway from his birth-town Trollhättan in Sweden, and joined the team in February 2021. Determined to run his own business, he found ERA’s franchise model to be a great fit, given his experience as a production engineering consultant in the manufacturing industry.

An analytical personality, determination and self-discipline, are among the strongest skills this industrial engineer contributes to the team.

High level cross country skier

I also find invaluable my experience as a high-level long-distance skier. You have to be very determined and focused to ski for 60 km on a normal training day.

Really, is that normal for you?

Absolutely, 60K it is not unusual. I’m not a professional, but I’m not far from that level either. Cross country skiing is my passion, that was another great reason to move to Norway and settle in the Holmenkollen area. Rigorous training has increased my endurance and capacity to achieve goals.

In fact, most of his spare time is spent training, either skiing or orienteering.

Actually, if I had some time for a holiday, I would go to the Alps right now to train at higher altitude.

Black Belt in problem-solving

What about your Six Sigma Black Belt certification, can you tell us more about that?

Six Sigma is a methodology for complex problem-solving. The goal is to increase consistency, reduce variations and quality differences, and standardise work. My expertise is primarily related to process optimization: LEAN manufacturing, waste reduction, service processes, predictability…

Being qualified as a Black Belt means I am trained to effectively lead teams using this methodology and make sure communication with all stakeholders flows appropriately. I am very self-reliant, but I also have learnt about the value of teamwork through training at a high level.

Collective expertise

Cooperating in a team is in fact what he finds most satisfying about his work at ERA.

When we are working on the analysis, there is always someone we can ask within the network for input, or to discuss a challenge, even when it’s something extremely specific. I find that knowledge exchange very fulfilling, the expertise in the team is outstanding.

Let’s wrap it up with something entirely different. Would you like to give us a film recommendation? What are you into?

I enjoy war movies that take place in a distant past. Gladiator is one of my favourites. Oh, and I’m also into classic Christmas movies such as Die Hard, he chuckles.

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